Malta Private Limited Liability Company

General Information

  • Type of Company - Private Limited Liability Company
  • Legislation – Hybrid
  • Company name - Non-English company names are allowed
  • Time-scale for incorporation – 3 days
  • Change in domicile is permitted
  • Disclosure of beneficial owners is not required
  • Double tax treaties - with 65 countries
  • Shelf companies are not available

Local Requirements

  • Registered Office is required
  • Company Secretary must be a natural person but can be of any nationality or residency
  • Public recording of shareholders and directors are required
  • Accounts are to be audited and are required for public filing

Corporate Requirements 

  • Minimum number of shareholders - Two (2) however one (1) shareholder is possible in case of single-member companies
  • Minimum number of directors - One (1) Maltese resident director is required
  • Minimum capital requirement – 20%
  • Standard Authorised Capital – EUR1,165
  • Bearer shares are not allowed
  • Corporate Directors are permitted

Annual Requirements

  • Annual return and annual statutory meetings are required, together with an Annual Return filing fee
  • Statutory accounting and audit are required
  • Registration Fee of EUR350 at incorporationfor companieswith authorized capital not exceeding EUR4,600
  • Taxation – Corporate tax at the normal rate of 35% but depending on the type of income various refunds apply
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