Cayman Islands Exempt Company

General Information

  • Type of Company – Exempt Company
  • Legislation – Common Law
  • Company name - Non-English names are allowed
  • Time-scale for incorporation - 5 working days
  • Change in domicile is permitted
  • Double tax treaties – No
  • Shelf companies are available
  • Taxation on profits - None on foreign profits

Local Requirements

  • Registered Office is required
  • Company secretary is not required, but often a secretary is appointed in order to facilitate signing obligations
  • Local directors are not required
  • Public recording of shareholders is not required
  • Public recording of directors is required

Corporate Requirements

  • Minimum number of shareholders - One (1)
  • Minimum number of directors - One (1)
  • Minimum paid up share capital – N/A
  • Usual Authorised Capital – USD 50,000

Annual Requirements

  • Prepareing and filing accounts is not required
  • Annual audit is not required
  • Filing of annual return is required
  • The annual government fees depend on the amount of the registered capital
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