Cyprus Investment Firms (CIF)

The Investment Services and Activities Regulated Markets Law of 2007 -  Law 144(I)/2007, provides the optimal legal framework for potential investors to consider Cyprus as the ideal jurisdiction for permanent establishment of their business. 

The Law came into force on 1st November 2007, replacing the old Investment Firms Law of 2002 and implementing the provisions of the EU’s Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) into the domestic law.

The implementation of this new legal framework makes Cyprus an attractive place for establishing a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF), offering investors and businesses a “single passport” to provide investment services across the European Union (EU).

With the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU, a sophisticated services industry and a highly developed infrastructure, Cyprus is fast gaining a competitive position within the global financial services industry.  The Cyprus Investment Firm is indeed considered a valuable vehicle used by the international investor for investment activities within the EU or outside the EU.

We have put together a technical report highlighting the main features of the Law and some of the requirements to set up a Cyprus Investment Firm.

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