Client Profile

Our Clients
Our clients comprise of high net worth individuals and corporate clients operating across international markets. Their needs are diverse and in many cases industry specific, requiring specialist attention and swift and efficient action to ensure they remain competitive in the markets they operate in. We treat all of our clients and their complex operations with the utmost confidentiality.
Cyprus and foreign tax planning vehicles are used to structure investment and facilitate operations in many countries. The target countries where our clients invest or operate in include the following jurisdictions:

  • Russia and the CIS
  • Asia including India and China
  • EU including Poland, Hungary, Romany, Austria, the UK and the Netherlands
  • Middle East
  • The origins of the investors or promoters of these structure are from the above target investment countries or from other key financial centres including London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and New York.

Our Tax Planning Solutions
The structures that we manager out of Cyprus relate predominantly to the following tax planning vehicles:

  • Holding Companies
  • Financing companies
  • Intellectual Property and Royalty Routing Companies
  • Companies trading in financial securities
  • Ship management and ship-owning companies
  • Forex Trading Companies (regulated)
  • International Collective Investment Schemes (regulated)
  • Cyprus International Trust


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